Pan Am Boxing Winnipeg – An Autumn Altercation

I was privileged to watch these boxers display their skills at the Pan Am Boxing Club in Winnipeg. Well done to all the boxers …. some of whom were taking part in their first bout.
The boxers were:

Vladimir Alvarez (alliance) vs Ian Nepinak (alliance)– challenge match
Iceer Zeid (power) vs Garrett Steiner (alliance)–challenge
Julian Alvarez (power) vs Josh Haddler (pa)–challenge
Danielle Merry (Eastman) vs Mandy Quinsey (pa)–demo
Adam Jacobson (pa) vs Brandon Barron (pa)–exhibition

Cynthia Wiebe (pa) def Corinne Budz (pa)
Lane Anderson(itc) def Joy Chyzzy (pa)
Brad Burrows (pa) def Chad Isbister (pa)
Rose Clark (pa) def Nadine Sydor (pa)
Brian Clark (pa) def Gil Grenier (pa)


2 thoughts on “Pan Am Boxing Winnipeg – An Autumn Altercation

  1. Wondering what you would charge for use of a couple photos of Cynthia Wiebe. Looking to create a gift for her and love some of the shots here

    Appreciate your feedback

    • Hey,

      Just seen this post. Apologies for not responding, no one ever comments so I never check.

      Anyway …. I have no problem letting you have digital images of Cynthia for a gift, if you still need them. No charge. Although Cynthia has these images digitally already.

      If you need a hard copy, I can prepare the file for you and would recommend that you take it to PhotoCentral to have it printed. I would need to know the image title and dimensions you need.



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