Tumbleweed Ranch Horse Show

Showing off trail skills in Manitoba…

Fraserwood-1 Fraserwood-11 Fraserwood-4 Fraserwood-10 Fraserwood-16 Fraserwood-6


Pan Am Boxing

I was invited along to a local boxing club in Winnipeg this weekend to photograph the evening sports action.  Many of the boxers were fighting for the first time as part of a three week “get fighting fit” challenge.

Well done to all the boxers ….

PanAm Boxing-19 PanAm Boxing-15 PanAm Boxing-21 PanAm Boxing-39 PanAm Boxing-57



Monster Jam

We had a day out at Monster Jam this weekend watching the monster trucks.  While the hockey dudes are out in Sochi the MTS centre got turned into a dirt track.

MTS Centre - Winnipeg

MTS Centre – Winnipeg

M Jam-14 M Jam-9 M Jam-8

Monster Jam - Dragon Breath

Monster Jam – Dragon Breath

Monster Jam - Northern Nightmare

Monster Jam – Northern Nightmare

Monster Jam

Monster Jam


Tour of the Exchange District

This morning Nathan ands and I joined our local camera club on a tour of the Exchange District in downtown Winnipeg.  The Exchange District is the historic core of Winnipeg dating from when the City was one of the fastest growing in the world.  But that was many decades ago, today the Exchange District has a vibrant theatre and café culture in the centre of the business district of the city.

Old Market Square

Old Market Square

Exchange tour-9

Completed in 2010, the Cube is a concrete stage in the middle of the old market square.  The stage features a curtain comprised of chain mail.

The Cube, in the old market square

The Cube, in the old market square

The Red River forms the Eastern boundary of the Exchange District where you can find the Stephen Juba Park where the Selkirk Settlers are celebrated.  The Scots cleared from their lands in 1812 were helped by Thomas Douglas, 5th Earl of Selkirk, to settle in the fertile Red River valley near present day Winnipeg.  There they planted a bushel and a half of wheat brought over from Scotland and established the first agricultural settlement in Manitoba.  Today, southern Manitoba, which sits at the northern edge of the great North American prairie, exports wheat and canola all over the world.

The Stephen Juba Park

The Stephen Juba Park

Birds Hill Provincial Park

Birds Hill is a Park to the North of Winnipeg.  Autumn is lasting a while this year, there have been no big storms to blow all the leaves off the trees.

Birds Hill-7

The geese are leaving, winter is just round the corner.

Birds Hill-15

You will find more images of Birds Hill in the gallery.

Street Photography

Here are two approaches to street photography, I am sure there must be others.

“The Sign Holder” came about by shooting with a camera at waist level as I walked along Princess Street.  You get what you get, especially when there are crowds, most of the shots end up in the bin but a handful can be a pleasant surprise.  This man could have doubled the reach of his marketing campaign by using both sides of the sign!!  Tips are to choose a small aperture, and an ISO that will give a sufficiently fast shutter speed to eliminate camera shake.   A wide lens with image stabilization also helps.

The Sign Holder

The Sign Holder

“Sleeping Through Calgary” is at the other end of the spectrum.  I spotted the scene and envisioned the photograph, composed and shot multiple exposures due to the high contrast then finished the image off in the digital dark room.

Sleeping through Calgary

Sleeping through Calgary

Walk in the park

 A short walk from our house takes us to Crescent Park, which is next to the nine hole golf course I play with Nathan.  The park runs in a broad strip in a crescent shape between the golf course and the red river.

Landscape-5862A low camera angle creates reflections on the river in the distance which hides the muddy reality of the red river which transports enormous amounts of clay from the Dakota’s depositing it in lake Winnipeg to the North.


The clay river banks are drying out and breaking up in the sun producing an attractive pattern.  We stop and chat to a local fisherman who has just pulled in Walleye from the river.   This is a frequent spot for him to fish but it is not somewhere you can expect to go home clean from, the clay at the water’s edge is steep and slippery.  It would be easy to slip into the river and difficult to get a hold on something to pull yourself out.  We walk on  as the man releases his catch.

Landscape-5889Further on is a large toboggan slide, this will be fun when the ice returns.