Street Photography

Here are two approaches to street photography, I am sure there must be others.

“The Sign Holder” came about by shooting with a camera at waist level as I walked along Princess Street.  You get what you get, especially when there are crowds, most of the shots end up in the bin but a handful can be a pleasant surprise.  This man could have doubled the reach of his marketing campaign by using both sides of the sign!!  Tips are to choose a small aperture, and an ISO that will give a sufficiently fast shutter speed to eliminate camera shake.   A wide lens with image stabilization also helps.

The Sign Holder

The Sign Holder

“Sleeping Through Calgary” is at the other end of the spectrum.  I spotted the scene and envisioned the photograph, composed and shot multiple exposures due to the high contrast then finished the image off in the digital dark room.

Sleeping through Calgary

Sleeping through Calgary


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